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Evolving to cloud native

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Every organization has at least a phalanx or two in the "Cloud" and it is, understandably changing the way we architect our systems. But your application portfolio is full of "heritage" systems that hail from the time before everything was as a service. Not all of those applications will make it to the valley beyond, how do you grapple with your legacy portfolio? This talk will explore the strategies, tools and techniques you can apply as you evolve towards a cloud native future.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • how to evaluate your legacy applications;
  • how to take those heritage systems to the Cloud;
  • what 12 Factors means for you;
  • where it makes sense to use microservices;
  • what tools and services you'll need to add to your repertoire.
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  • #culture
  • #digital-transformation


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