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Scaling automatic code checks within the organization

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Imagine: you have 5 developers, 2 repositories, you have already implemented linters in the CI/CD pipeline, you update the version of the programming language fast enough, you do not think about the security of the dependencies you install, nobody is trying to hack you yet, and everything is fine. The company is growing, the microservice architecture is rapidly evolving, the number of repositories is growing from 2 to 20. Developers are 45 instead of 5, the company is becoming more attractive to hackers, people are trying to hack you more often. At job interviews, developers ask if you have implemented linters, but half of the projects no longer have them for some reason. The question of using a language version without vulnerabilities is also becoming more and more urgent, as well as the safety of used dependencies, and even more automatic checks code for SQL injection. Keeping track of the fact that all 20 repositories have implemented these checks is becoming quite difficult. But what if there are not 20 repositories, but 50? Or 100? Bogdan will tell how this problem is solved in his company and discuss with the participants how it is solved in other companies.

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