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Team Topologies workshop

Day 1


In companies moving toward DevOps, technical solutions are not enough. Teams also require changes. The design of teams eventually affects the architecture, it's Conway's law. That's why it's important to design teams and their interactions consciously.

Team Topologies is a DSL for org design. At the workshop we will take an in-depth look at the Team Topologies approach ( and apply it in practice.

You'll see a unique material on Team Topologies: templates, tasks, infographics, topologies and cases. Participants of the workshop will build current topology of their team or company, determine responsibility boundaries, ways of interaction. They will see what problems exist now and understand how to solve them. The main focus will be on Platform and Enabling teams, and the most interesting cases will be parsed during the workshop.

The workshop will be held in Miro and the tasks will be individual, all you can take with you and use in your company or team.

The target audience:

  • CTO;
  • PO of platform teams;
  • Team Leaders and Technical Leaders of Development, Operations, SRE, Infrastructure or Platform teams.