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Workshop. Platform Team Topologies (part 2)

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Let's look at the Team Topologies approach ( in practice and apply it to platform teams.

Platform teams are a new trend, mentioned in recent State of DevOps reports and technology radars, more and more companies are launching platform teams, taking a product approach in platforms, and providing platforms as a service with a focus on Developer Experience.

Team Topologies is a DSL for team design, helping platform teams develop an internal platform as a product and deliver as a service with a focus on Developer Experience.

Workshop participants will get to be a sociotechnical architect, apply the new DSL, understand how to make the transition to platform teams, determine how to interact with other teams, and understand how to develop the platform as a product and provide it as a service.

The workshop will take place in Miro, tasks will be individual, you will be able to take the experience with you and apply it in your company.

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Target audience:

  • CTO;
  • Product owners and platform team leaders;
  • Team Leaders and Technical Leaders of Infrastructure, Platform, Operations, and SRE teams.
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