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A unified approach to the CI/CD Store

  • Talk in Russian
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The DevOps product team has developed a unified CI/CD Store framework for products. It builds on the GitLab CI/CD templates and gives you a few lines of YAML code to create a ready-made CI/CD pipeline that allows you to get secrets from Vault, collect and publish artifacts. It also provides versioning, a static code parser, deployment to K8s and docker to servers.

Each template uses a different docker image with a client for a specific solution, allowing for lightweight images based on enterprise standards. Images with ansible, java, docker, python, vault, semver, artifactory, sonarqube, kubernetes, npm, notify are now available.

The talk will be useful for those who face the choice between Jenkins and Gitlab CI, as well as for those who want to set up a single entry point for teams and offer them typical CI/CD solutions with a ready-made workflow.


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