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We consider talk applications according to the following guidelines:

The topic's relevance: you are going to discuss things that participants of the conference find useful not only yesterday, but today and in the future. In addition, the topic of your talk corresponds to the theme of the conference, and the talk’s content matches the stated topic. Your talk dives deep into the details of the stated topic: there is no need to talk about yet another Hello World (unless you think it's a new, not widely known, but very promising technology). Originality — there is technical novelty in your talk; the content of your talk either hasn’t been published before or presents a well-known topic / problem in a different light. Practical applicability — the talk is important from practical point of view, you not only cover the existing problems / solutions, but also share your experience. Speaker’s expertise and publicity. Each application will be examined by at least two reviewers from the Program Committee.

We are interested in talks related to the following topics:

Containers, Orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, Clusters, etc). Virtualisation, Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure, Heroku, etc). Audit and Monitoring (Prometeus, OkMeter, DataDog, BPF, Dynatrace, XRebel, Glimpse, Zipkin, OpenTrace, etc). Continuous Delivery (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo). Configuration Management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible). Security (Vault, etc.). Business cases of DevOps transformation of large projects: Wins and Fails. If you’d like to give a talk at the conference, please, read the memo for speakers.



The title should be clear and reflect the essence of the talk. Remember: brevity is the soul of wit.
Include enough details about your talk, but be concise and clearly state: describe technologies that will be covered, purpose of the talk (problem and its solutions, etc.), target audience, audience takeaway.
About 20 points that represent main ideas of the talk.

We reserve the right to edit lexical and grammatical flaws in texts you will send.

I hereby give my consent to processing of my personal data.