DevOops 2018 talks

Liz Rice Aqua Security
Liz Rice
Aqua Security

Practical steps for securing your container deployment

We'll look at how security principles can be applied to container-based deployments at every stage of the CI/CD pipeline, and show an example of a practical security-related action that you can take at each stage.

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Seth Vargo Google
Seth Vargo

Modern security with microservices and the cloud

It's great that you've moved to microservices, but how are you distributing secrets? This talk offers an overview of Vault's unique approach to secret management by providing secrets as a service for services (and humans), that is highly scalable and easily customizable to fit any environment.

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Paul Samsung research
Samsung research

Sustainable system testing with Chaos

Paul will cover the basics of Chaos Engineer, give some case studies of companies that currently do this in production and give an introduction to some of the open source tooling that currently exists.

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Alena Prokharchyk Rancher Labs, Inc.
Alena Prokharchyk
Rancher Labs, Inc.

Building a platform for managing multiple Kubernetes clusters pitfalls and solutions

This presentation would be useful for peer engineers who are working developing similar projects, as well as for operation engineers/users/companies who are thinking about adopting multi cluster project management project for their needs. I want to share what I've learned from the developer perspective while building Rancher, as well as explain the benefits of having multiple Kubernetes clusters in the organization.

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Anton Weiss Otomato
Anton Weiss

DevOps for dinosaurs: how to change processes, approaches and thinking in a traditional company


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Anton Babenko Betajob
Anton Babenko

Lifecycle of a resource in Terraform: codifying infrastructure with Terraform for the future

Immutable infrastructure is a way to success, but what about the lifecycle of individual resources? This talk is about the evolution of resources, code structure, Terraform coding tricks, composition, and refactoring.

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