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Radek Simko HashiCorp
Radek Simko

Managing multiple clouds FTW

Once your applications live in the cloud you begin to realize that not all clouds are the same. They differ in price, some offer better performance in certain areas, some are more suitable for your business use cases etc. Sooner or later you might begin to ponder with an idea of running your workload in multiple cloud providers to get the best service you can for a reasonable price.

Corey Quinn The Quinn Advisory Group
Corey Quinn
The Quinn Advisory Group

Terrible Ideas in Lambda

AWS Lambda is the most widespread implementation of “Serverless.” In this talk, come explore what happens when your Lambda usage goes hilariously wrong– and what to do about it.

Erno Aapa Sharper Shape
Erno Aapa
Sharper Shape


What is the purpose of staging environment nowadays? Do we still need it? Or is it just a legacy practice?

Adrian Cole Pivotal
Adrian Cole

How to Properly Blame Things for Causing Latency: An Introduction to Distributed Tracing and Zipkin

Latency analysis is the act of blaming components for causing user perceptible delay. In today's world of microservices, this can be tricky as requests can fan out across polyglot components and even data-centers. This session will overview how to debug latency problems, using call graphs created by Zipkin.

Барух  Садогурский JFrog
Барух Садогурский
Леонид Игольник CA Technologies
Леонид Игольник
CA Technologies

DevOps в Масштабе – Греческая Трагедия в Трех Актах

Как и положено хорошей греческой трагедии, масштабирование DevOps происходит в три акта, и заканчивается, чаще всего, плачевно.


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